I found this therapy in 2007 and embarked upon an intensive course of treatments. I had recently become a parent and I was finding family life very challenging; I was struggling with my conditioning and Kinesiology helped me to understand my behaviour. I released a back-log of stuck emotions and was able to identify and change the thoughts and beliefs that were running my life. 

Kinesiology uses changes in muscle tone to show us what is happening in the body, mind or spirit. A muscle-test shows the practitioner a "yes" and a "no", which effectively gives the body a voice. With Creative Kinesiology at this point there is massive potential; any aspect of your life experience can be looked at and healing can be found in a whole manner of ways. 

Kinesiology draws from many other traditions, particularly traditional Chinese medicine and its Five Element system which works with the body's energy channels, or Meridians. We also look to traditional Indian spirituality and the Chakra system. We work with the aura too and of course the physical body and its many systems.

Creative Kinesiology has the potential to create deep and lasting change in your life. This is inner work; we go inside to make changes and then our life experience changes accordingly.

In 2010 I completed the Life-Tracking series, a foundation course in Creative Kinesiology. Then in 2012 I qualified as a professional Creative Kinesiologist after having completed the Way of the Tracker course.

I am currently completing the Perceptual Body-Tracking Course with the School of Creative Kinesiology. This is a second professional certificate in Kinesiology that focuses on releasing trauma from the physical body.

I have found this to be profoundly effective therapy. It is amazing work. Please get in touch if this speaks to you.

Sessions are 1 hour long and cost £45. The initial consultation is 1 1/2 hours and costs £45.

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Find out more about Creative Kinesiology here:    https://www.creativekinesiology.org

"I had a very positive experience with Claire during my Kinesiology therapy. Claire was very intuitive and soon got to the crux of an underlying issue, which gave me an opportunity to hear good advice and receive valuable treatment; some of which Claire taught me so that I could perform it on my own to further help my healing process. Claire is a delightfully positive and empathetic healer and I highly recommend her healing therapies."