Crystals have been used by healers for millenia, in particular in ancient Egypt, India and China. They have many special properties and as such are used frequently in technology. Crystals have a unique molecular structure which makes them the most stable form of matter in the universe. It is this molecular structure that creates their beautiful, regular, crystalline shapes. Today Quantum Physics confirms that all matter is really energy, so when we look at crystals in this way, it is little wonder that they can help bring balance to a discordant human system.

Crystals came into my life in 2001 and so began my spiritual path. This was a powerful time for me. I got a book from the library and started playing about with them; the results were so powerful that very soon I felt I needed to find a teacher. Almost immediately I came across the Cornwall School of Crystal Healing and it felt really right to go for it and train to be a practitioner. We learnt about the crystals through our own experience; through meditation and by keeping crystals with us and writing about our experiences. We would share our findings and I would find the similarities between my own experiences and those of the other students absolutely mind-blowing.

I completed my training in 2005 and I hold a diploma in Crystal Healing.

At the start of a crystal healing session I use my hands to feel the client's energy field. I check their chakras and get an idea of how their energy is moving. I can often also feel if there is pain present in their physical body, I feel it in my hands as I move them over the affected body part. All of this suggests to me how I might work during the session. Then I put the information to one side and let the healing flow. I am guided through my body which gently moves itself. I will be drawn over to the crystals and my eyes will fall on the crystal that wants to be used. I will then be drawn back to the client and my head will turn and my eyes will look at the place on (or off) the body where the crystal wants to be placed. Every session is completely unique and brings in just what is needed energy-wise for that person in that moment.

Crystals bring healing to all levels of being. They are powerful catalysts. They seem to provide the energy needed to really shift things to new levels.

Clients are typically surprised by how powerful these sessions are.

A treatment costs £45 for an hour. Please get in touch to book or to find out more.

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