I have always loved growing, making and sharing food.  

In 2001, I began using nutrition therapeutically to heal my allergies; I had been experiencing rhinitis with excessive sneezing. I first eliminated wheat from my diet which brought me considerable relief. Next I gave up sugar. Then in September 2007 I began eating all raw. This was a profound experience for me which accelerated my healing process and shifted my consciousness.

My diet was 100% raw for some time which enabled a deep cleansing of my body. These days however, I am much more relaxed about my food choices and I have developed a more flexible approach .

In 2012 I completed a diploma in Nutritional Healing with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, this approach to nutrition is heavily steeped in Naturopathy. When we work with food therapeutically in this way, it is essential to not only look at what we are putting into our bodies, but also at what needs to come out. I have a lot of experience with detoxification and the use of naturopathic techniques to aid this process.

It is my belief that our bodies are always doing the best for us that they can. When something appears to go wrong with the body we are being shown that something, somewhere needs to change. If you take action to change the environment that you have created for your body, then you will start to get different results; this is nutritional healing.

There is no "one size fits all" when it come to diet. Not only do nutritional needs vary from person to person, but they also change over time and  as we change ourselves. There are many different approaches to nutrition and we are often bombarded with confusing information in the media about this. I take a back to basics approach, working with natural, seasonal, organic, wholefoods; well prepared and packed with nutrients. This is the food that heals.

Please get in touch if you feel this is an approach you would like to explore. 

An initial consultation lasts for 1 1/2 hours and costs £60. After this sessions are £45 for an hour.

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Read more about Nutritional Healing here:   https://www.nutrihealfoundation.com