Reiki is the ancient practice of laying on of hands; where energy flows through the practitioner and into the recipient. The practitioner is a vessel for the energy and doesn't really "do" anything. The Reiki flows to where it is needed in the energy field of the person being healed. 

The effects of the Reiki vary from person to person depending upon their need. A person who comes to a session feeling very stressed will probably feel very relaxed afterwards. Whereas a person who comes feeling very drained will likely leave feeling energised. In this way Reiki has a balancing effect. But Reiki does much more than this, it is a deep healing that will touch your spirit, mind and emotions. It can help the physical body to heal too.

Reiki is gentle and nourishing. It can be practiced with hands on or off the body as preferred. It can also be sent to someone if they are not able to be in the same physical space as the practitioner.

Reiki is taught through a series of attunements. During an attunement the recipient receives a healing from a Reiki Master which activates their potential to channel Reiki. Following this there is a period of adjustment when the person who has been attuned gets used to letting the Reiki energy flow. This is often a deeply healing process, a kind of spiritual detox, when old emotions and mental patterns surface and are released. Through this clearing process the person becomes a clearer channel for the Reiki to flow through.

I began my Reiki journey in 2003 when I received my first attunement. I received the Reiki 2 attunement the following year and then my Reiki Master attunement in 2012. I use Reiki personally every day; it is always there ready to flow and helping me to heal.

Channelling Reiki for me is a beautiful experience. The energy gently moves my body, showing me where it wants to go. It may flow not only through my hands, but also through my eyes and with my breath too. I experience a treatment as a dance of energy.

A Reiki session costs £45 for an hour. I also teach Reiki, either one to one, or in small groups. Please get in touch if you would like some more information about this. 

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I am a Reiki Master Teacher Member of the Reiki Federation.  

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