"This lady is magic"

"I have often turned to Claire when I've needed something shifting that's stuck, or something healing that I can't get through to with other methods. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone, and have recommended her to many people who have all been grateful!"

"I was amazed how incredibly gifted Claire is. I was left feeling very positive and uplifted. I definitely recommend Claire. It's always a joy to be in her company due to her positive energy. Brilliant."

"Claire you are amazing! I slept SO well last night after several weeks of sleepwalking/weird dreams/anxiety related insomnia, couldn't believe it when I woke up! Thank you!"

"Thankyou Claire for the powerful healing session last week. I had been feeling crap for about a month with vertigo/labyrinthitis syptoms, feeling dizzy and light headed. You did warn me to expect to feel worse before getting better, and how right you were! The following day I felt terrible, but the bext day I initially felt a bit tired and during the course of that day I felt better and now feel completely back to normal! Thank you so much, I will be singing your praises."

"Claire, I wish to show gratitude for the amazing healing you give me... your gentleness, knowledge, deep wisdom and commitment to healing is such a gift to us all. Over the past few years our sessions have been so magical and the healing that they bring has allowed me to move forward in my life, break old triggers and learn who I really am and how to be. I'm stronger, happier and more balanced than I have ever been... The magical way that creative kinesiology gets to the core and brings understanding, and your generosity of spirit will never fail to amaze me... Thank you dear friend... I feel blessed."

"Thankyou so much for all your help and support in helping us find natural, safe ways to improve our health and well-being. Your abilities, knowledge and skills have been invaluable for me and my pets and we’re all much healthier thanks to you!"

"After having one treatment with Claire, the pain in my knees that I had been suffering with has completely gone."

"I came to Claire mainly for problems with worry and anxiety that I was feeling. These were automatic reactions stemming from difficulties in my past but have no real foundations in my life now. I was at a loss as to how to stop these feeling from arising and knew releasing them was the key to me moving forward in all areas of my life. Its been three weeks since my first session with Claire and I am noticing a dramatic difference in my life. Free of anxiety and worrying, and at the same time this has made room for a much more light and care free attitude to life, which is enabling me to connect and communicate with people in a way that I wasn't able to before. I now feel anything that I dream of or want to apply myself to will be achieved with love and trust in myself. Thanks Claire."

"Claire has been an enormous help and support to me on many different levels over the years. If ever I have a problem, I know that Claire will be able to assist me and help me get some clarity. Be it spiritually, mentally or physically, I know that I can gain huge support from Claire. She is very open, a good listener, empathetic and patient - and she certainly knows her stuff! I have had wonderful and often mind blowing Kinesiology with her, on a face to face level, via Skype and on the telephone. I will often be given affirmations to say morning and night, or different energy balancing techniques to work with. These are always so beneficial to whatever I have going on. I have had Nutritional Healing techniques and detox plans drawn up for me, which have been challenging, but extremely wholesome and I have felt amazing afterwards! Claire is a truly inspirational therapist, who I cannot recommend highly enough."